Monday, April 20, 2009


in class today there was a heated discussion about diversity on our campus.  It is just my personal opinion that our campus is diverse and open to people of every race, religion, and background.  Organizations on campus, I admit, may be questionable.  For instance, someone in class brought up a good point about fraternities and sororities not accepting people of other races, in my opinion this for the most part is a true statement.  I was in a sorority (I am not anymore)  and there was only one African American girl in our entire sorority.  And as far as outside of my sorority I only know of maybe 2 African American girls in other sororities that are predominantly white.  But, this could be for more than one reason.  One reason might be because these predominantly white organizations aren't accepting of people from other races, or it could be because there are fraternities and sororities that are predominantly African American, there's some that are Indian and Asian as well.  So maybe for the majority of cases the students who are wanting to be involved with these organizations show more interest in ones whose members are predominantly their same race.  I'm sure it's not that way for all cases, as brought up in class, but I know come Indian students in the Indian fraternity on campus that happily chose to be apart of that organization.  I also know many asian girls in sororities that would be seen as predominantly white.  So I'm not so sure that for the most part it is a racial discrimination issue.  But on the other side of the argument I could be just being naive.  I have always been, however, a very dark skinned white person and when I was younger I was teased about it a lot because I was darker than some of the African American students in my class.  And all my life I have gotten questions about my race and the "what are you" question.  I know this isn't the same level that some people experience things on but it's something and I sometimes feel that African Americans are so used to people discriminating ( and rightfully so) that even when it's not the intention they take it as something negative.  For instance, in advertisements ( like the one brought up in class) if there are African American's in the ad it must be stereotyped but if there wasn't African American's in the ad and the ad was full of white people I'm sure many people people would have problems with that too.  Sometimes is just a lose lose situation.  

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