Monday, April 20, 2009

Video Vixen

The video in class today about Korrine Steffans really intrigued me.  I went home and youtubed more of her video's and in all of them she is a respectful, well spoken, nice person.  Which really isn't what you'd expect from someone who seems to be "whoring themselves out" for money.  Even though being a prostitute wasn't her title it seems to me it's pretty much the same idea.  Now whether it's right or wrong is an individual decision but it really just struck me as suprising how intelligent and calm she was during all the interviews.  It just seemed like for a woman who has been through, ok no...put herself through all she has she really has her head on straight.  I also think it's kind of refreshing that she somewhat fearlessly called out all the big shots that she did because it was bound to happen sometime and now she's just making her living off of it! Part of me disagrees with everything she represents and the other part of me is thinking you go girl! :)

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